How many calories should i eat a day?

How many calories should i eat a day? The daily energy demand indicates how much an ordinary person a minimum of calories needed to survive – in other words to maintain vital functions. The human body also burns calories, without the need for actively do something. Since the basal metabolic rate in men is strongly dependent on the stature and muscle apply to women and men different calculation bases for the “basic calorie consumption”. The following formula can be the need for calories per day, the basal metabolic rate to calculate:


How to get a flat stomach

The pants pinches, the shirt buttons are excited and with every movement the Hüftgold peeping out under their jumpers? It’s high time the pancetta to declare war. The goal: A flat stomach. But that’s easier said than done. Belly fat is not only very dangerous to health, but on top of that even persistent. While the leg or arm muscles respond relatively quickly to specific training, it can take half a year, until a Waschbärbauch transformed into a handsome washboard.


Sit-ups: The classic abdominal exercises. Contact straight back to the ground, slightly tilt the legs. Heel upright and lay their hands on the knees. Now tense your stomach and as far as possible sit with your back straight backwards. The hands glide while the thighs. Do not place the upper body, but lead to the front again. Exercise repeat 20 times. Important: Keep the arms in front of the body, not entangle as the classic sit-up behind his head.


How much body fat do i have?

How much body fat do i have? This question can be answered if you know about the body fat percentage. The body fat percentage indicates how much percentage of the body are made ​​of fat. The proportion is too high, thus can reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis rise. In such a case the body fat should be reduced – preferably by a reduced calorie diet and enough exercise. If you ask how much body fat should i have, we will tell you how you can measure your body fat and give you valuable tips for lowering body fat. In our body fat table, you can also see which values ​​are within the normal range and values ​​which are too high.